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Rural women of Cauca


    Unión Europea
    3,100 families associated with CAFICAUCA. • 4,000 women linked to the departmental network of women of the Cauca (REDEMUC) • 12 municipal mayors from the South of del Cauca • Cauca governorate • SENA • national land agency
    Caficauca y Vega Coffee
    24 months
Portada programa

Income Generation, Environment, Safety Food, Land, Conflict Resolution

This program has as objective general strengthen the autonomy and the empowerment economic of them women rural of the South of the Cauca to ensure a development rural inclusive and with equity of gender.

Be achieved the objective of increasing income of 700 women the Sur del Cauca agricultural producers through access to productive assets and to the improvement of the production, quality and marketing of agricultural products. Also, is important improve its participation in the market labour formal and the conditions of work of 1,800 women rural of the South of the Cauca, as well as influence in the design of the political public of the care.

A1. Formalization of rural property rights women, resolution of land conflicts and by natural resources, inter-agency forums on financial education, access to credit, public goods, and Government subsidies. A2. BPA and WFP technical assistance for production units, plans of inclusive business, technical assistance on social and environmental standards of the certifications of quality, soil studies and fertilization plans and marketing channels and agricultural business. A3. Technical training and skills assignments, cooperative and associativity, psychosocial assistance to women A4. Campaigns of formalization labour and of security social for women, improve the conditions safety and health in the work, services of welfare and measures of control environmental labour for them women, incidence in political public, training in genres and new masculinities to men.

Mercy Corps and Caficauca are currently working with Vega Coffee, a US company that imports high quality coffee and will now do so from Cauca, Colombia. With the support of Mercy Corps and Caficauca, Vega will establish a roaster in Popayán that will benefit all female coffee producers linked to the Program of Autonomy and Economic Empowerment of Rural Women of Southern Cauca. From this initiative, the #RuralWomenOfCauca will receive a better payment for each pound of coffee sold to Vega Coffee and will be part of an inclusive, innovative and sustainable business.