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Response to floods in the Centre of Colombia - CERFIN

Atlántico - Córdoba

    USAID, FFP (Food For Peace) y Mercy Corps.
    53.445 victims of floods.
    Pastoral Social Barranquilla para el departamento del Atlántico y Pastoral Social Montelíbano del departamento de Córdoba.
    11 months
Portada programa

Attention Humanitarian, Protection, Land

The program of emergency response to floods in the North of Colombia (CERFIN) helped 53.445 (28.137 men and 25.308 women) flood victims in two departments of Colombia North through the following topics:

1) distribution of food emergency for a period of six (6) months in the Department of Córdoba to the families who were affected by the floods and were displaced. (

2) phase of food for work that began to the South of the Department of Atlantic for a period of four months. (

3) food for work in the Department of Córdoba for six months. Be rehabilitated roads tertiary, systems of aqueduct, channels of irrigation and is cleaned infrastructure Basic. The program used a gender approach and gave priority to minority, indigenous and Afro-Colombian populations.