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Protection of unrelated children.


    Comisión Europea
    1,070 children and adolescents in situation of risk
    Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar (ICBF).
    1 year and 11 months.
Portada programa

Education, Income Generation, Gender, Protection

the project is based on the experience previous and methodologies successful of the work of Mercy Corps with them children linked to the worst forms of work child.

methodologies introduced by the project are approved by the Colombian Institute of family welfare (ICBF) and are replicas through programs supporting ICBF.

project incorporates 1.070 children and adolescents at risk in schools pilot programmes against school day in Putumayo as well as facilitating the participation of 200 children removed in the youth reconciliation network in Bogota. Mercy Corps organizes training sessions for 200 mothers management and foster in Bogotá ICBF system for generating revenue with managing mothers of unrelated children. Also, the project leads to out workshops of training to the ICBF and their executors direct on the gender and the violence based in gender, and other methodologies. Mercy Corps works in the incidence and training with the Colombian army to prevent violations of human rights with children in schools.