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Protection of human rights to indigenous and Afro-descendant


    La Comisión Europea
    26 indigenous and Afro-descendant
    1 year and 11 months
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The project has the objective to protect human rights through the resolution of land conflicts in indigenous communal land and afro Colombian in the Region of Darién in the Department of Chocó in Colombia and indigenous Quiché and Izabal, Guatemala.

the specific objective is to apply alternative resolution of conflicts over land successful models in 26 indigenous communities and afro descendants with 101,306 has communal land in the municipalities of Acandí and Unguía, Department of Chocó, Colombia; and in eight municipalities in Quiché and Izabal, Guatemala, to decrease the violence and abuses of rights associated with territorial disputes.

the project is transferring and adapting the successful experiences of resolution of conflict by the land already proven in Guatemala to the region of Darien Caribbean in Chocó Besides new municipalities in Guatemala.

the project will have a positive impact through alternative models for conflict resolution and the transformation of a culture of violence by actions that reach a peaceful resolution of problems related to disputes over land, and with the participation of all stakeholders.