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Protection and prevention of violence based on gender (VBG), Nariño.


    Oficina del Departamento de Estado de Población, Refugiados y Migración (BPRM). Fundación Nike.
    400 families, 600 teenagers, 100 conciliators community and 100 official Government.
    1 year.
Portada programa


the project attends the beneficiaries of the project assistance integrated emergency subsequently funded the BPRM (please see #11). It project goes to establish systems community of surveillance to protect and provide assistance to the victims of violence by reason of gender in 12 of them communities more vulnerable that are receiving of families displaced in grass e Ipiales of the Department of Nariño.

the project will reach 400 families with the participation of men, women, boys, girls and young people. Besides them 400 families beneficiary, the project seeks the participation of 600 teenagers, 100 conciliators community and 100 official Government in them activities of training on the violence by reason of gender and strengthen the participation of women in them events community. These actors will manage its protocols for coordination and provide better care to the victims. The project will train young promoters to implement a campaign directed towards the change in behavior and attitude through a component of "Sports for change" to give attention to gender equality and measures to reduce the negative impacts of violence gender.