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Protection and prevention of the recruitment of girls and BOYS

Putumayo - Tolima

    EC-NIÑOS Unión Europea.
    400 BOYS, 400 families, 40 teachers, 80 members of the communities of 4 boarding schools, 40 governmental institutions and ONG´s of Putumayo.
    Gobernación de Tolima.
    1 year and 6 months
Portada programa

Education, Protection

The general objective of the project was to contribute to the promotion and implementation of public policies to promote the reduction of recruitment of children, adolescents and youth (girls and BOYS), focusing on prevention and protection actions of the BOYS in areas of armed conflict in Colombia.

In Tolima, is strengthened networks of support community and institutional that managed to protect of way appropriate them rights fundamental of them children and girls, and in Putumayo was possible reactivate it table of internees of the Department.