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My sustainable coffee farm


    Starbucks y Cafisur Tolima
    1,300 families coffee-growing in the South of Tolima
    1 month
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Mercy Corps in Starbucks company developed the project "My sustainable coffee farm", aimed at more than 1,300 coffee-growing families in the South of Tolima, cooperatives and associations of farmers. With the project we managed to ensure the sustainability of the coffee supply chain and the permanence of the coffee-growing families in the field. This was possible thanks to the formalization of 227 titles of land amounting to 1,013 acres, 79 for women and 19 for young people under twenty-five years, allowing him to 35% of owners access credit and 28% to benefit the Government invested in improvements to their premises. Is made emphasis in the production of coffee of quality to achieve the loyalty of those customers. With 999 families we train on soil, water and environment management, 48 watershed improvement and 145 intradomiciliarios septic installation was the efficient use of natural resources and thus improved the quality of the coffee and the quality of water consumed over 2,000 rural families. In addition, these favorable conditions led to the creation of 875 gardens, cultivated with different foods that guarantee their food security, generating monthly revenue by 30% and a better quality of life.