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Lands network

Putumayo - Tolima

    ASHOKA y Mercy Corps.
    24,000 people of Latin America and the Caribbean.
    Unión Europea, Usaid, Gobiernos Locales y Federales.
    2 years and 8 months
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Environment, Conflict Resolution, Land

Network lands was a network that connected to applicants of rights of lands of communities marginalized with NGOs and agencies Government of America Latin to replicate them best practices and share lessons learned in resolution of conflicts of lands, reform agricultural and management sustainable of resources natural. The activities of the network included cross-visits in situ and a virtual platform on www.redtierras.org

has managed to make 10 visits between Guatemala and Colombia, including the participation of Nicaragua and Honduras, 150 land disputes were resolved in Colombia and 150 in Guatemala, benefiting 24,000 people with secure land tenure.

Web site were able to ask Spanish and English translations of Emberá, Tule and Q'eqchi ', reached 1,000 users, did virtual workshops on conflict resolution for land, cadastral modernization and ethnic rights to the land. The web site was expanded to Haiti, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil by what is translated to 15 languages more.