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Integration of urban populations

Atlántico - Bolívar

    Cooperación Internacional de Irlanda.
    people displaced, youth at risk and women heads of households.
    2 years and 11 months.
Portada programa


This project is directed to fight against the poverty strengthening to them communities poor-especially to them groups marginalized (population displaced, young in risk and women householder) in two cities, Cartagena and Barranquilla-to commit to them Governments local in a process planned of development directed to promote the planning urban of combat to the poverty and improve the quality of the environment. The main activities son:

  1. participatory project that generates public trust and consolidate the legitimacy of government premises.
  2. development of mechanisms for the peaceful
    conflict resolution
  3. education and citizen participation in the projects of environmental
  4. support to women and the CBOs leaders in participation, including various marginalized groups such as persons infected of HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) or people with disabilities (PWD) as well as children young and old.