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Emergency response in Atlantic and Chocó.

Atlántico - Chocó

    European Community Humanitarian Organization (ECHO).
    980 families of Chocó: 404.080 people.
    5 months
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Attention Humanitarian

Heavy rains of 2010 and 2011 due to the La Nina phenomenon caused many landslides. Mercy Corps provided support to 404.080 people displaced by them floods in Chocó, who is looked forced to search ceilings temporary, were in risk of malnutrition and of contracting diseases as the malaria, the dengue and the exhibition to the variant climate.

Mercy Corps distributed 980 emergency kits to families, covering more than 903 households estimated at the beginning of the program. The families received food for three months and articles for rooms, kits of kitchen and hygiene. The assistance was coordinated by the Government and other organizations humanitarian that is commissioned of supplementing the needs of them beneficiaries. The program also provided support to 25 communities of Chocó in the development of recovery plans for infrastructure and housing.