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Emergency response in Atlantic 2012


    Seattle Sounders FC, OCHA y Mercy Corps.
    550 girls and children's camp of the cross, Atlantic.
    5 months
Portada programa

Attention Humanitarian

The program was directed to 550 (229 children, 258 girls) that is looked affected by the flooding of the 2011, of the municipality field of the cross in of Atlantic. Its municipality lasted 3 months submerged in water, they had to evacuate. The sequels in them children and girls were, among others, feel is rejected, guilty and ruined, Mercy Corps les provided support psychosocial.

First is identified and trained to a group of facilitators from the community in methodologies for treat to the children and girls. Selected a group of 550 students and requested permission to his parents so they could take part in the program. Finally, there were 12 meetings with their respective Kits for beneficiaries.

Achievements were: reduce the level of post-traumatic stress disorders, increase levels of trust, self-esteem and confidence, and improve academic level.