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Emergency humanitarian assistance in Nariño.


    ECHO (Oficina de Ayuda Humanitaria de la Comisión Europea).
    400 families displaced by the conflict
    Corporación Nuevo Arco Iris.
    11 months
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Attention Humanitarian

this project provides emergency humanitarian assistance 400 families displaced from the inside (IDPs) who fled the conflict in rural areas, mainly in the Department of Nariño. Mercy Corps and its partner new Rainbow Corporation are organizing programs to provide education to the people about their rights as IDPs and connect them with public services and other assistance programs. The most urgent needs are directed towards the special attention of the appearance of psycho-social, non-food household items, water and sanitation, as well as generating resources. This project covers to them IDPs in the cities of Pasto and Ipiales in the Department of Nariño.