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Emergency humanitarian assistance in Cauca


    ECHO (Oficina de Ayuda Humanitaria de la Comisión Europea)
    displaced population
    10 months
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Attention Humanitarian

This project is based on a design strategy that incorporates both pilot and innovations applied in a set standard, but flexible, emergency humanitarian intervention. This set is designed to meet them needs immediate physical, psychosocial and economic of such way that promotes the understanding and the coexistence of the community and to the same time the creation of a capital social. Mercy Corps seeks to undertake activities with host populations and women in displacement condition, trying the following two necesidad:

  1. emergency assistance primary families, during the first year of displacement, meeting needs of non-food items
  2. help target populations to regain a minimum level of self-sufficiency with a greater perspective to be sustainable over time. This project covers to the IDPs in Popayan and Santander de Quilichao in the Department of Cauca.