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Commune IV emergency response, Soacha


    Fondo de Canadá para las Iniciativas Locales (Embajada de Canadá); International Cooperation and Development Fund (Gobierno de Taiwán) y OdysseyRe.
    100 families (600 people) affected by the phenomena of removal in mass or landslides of land.
    2 months
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Attention Humanitarian

the project gave assistance from emergency food, hygienic and tableware to 100 families affected by the phenomena of landslides (600 people) of El Arroyo, Sandra Villa, Villa Esperanza, El Progreso in Altos de Cazuca in the municipality of Soacha. In addition, 100 members of families affected by landslides phenomena received psychosocial support with a differential and focused approach at the family level.

the project established a forum local with families affected and actors local key for serve as in space of concertation and coordination of incidence on the phenomena of removal in mass, management of risks and decrease of risks and vulnerability starting from the identification of solutions of long term.

Mercy Corps undertook a participatory process to develop and document a diagnosis of vulnerability and risks of 4 districts in the red area of the commune IV.

a plan of contingency was formulated and socialized with members of the commune IV. Mercy Corps supported the Mayor of Soacha to formulate and develop a policy clearly on the relocation of displaced families and at risk for landslides, the commune IV.