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Cauca Inclusive Rural Development Program


    2.100 agricultural producers, 900 rural workers, 450 rural working women and 45 rural youth
    five years
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Income Generation, Protection, Conflict Resolution, Land, Reintegration

The Cauca Inclusive Rural Development program emerged as an initiative to strengthen the local economy of Cauca families through the voluntary substitution of illicit crops.

The transformation of the rural territory will be through new planting of products such as coffee, citric fruits and avocado, to promote the access to productive assets such as rural property rights, technical assistance and training for rural workers.

2,100 agricultural producers will have the opportunity to change their income from illicit planting to improved productivity, quality and marketing channels from their licit agricultural productions.

In addition, 900 rural workers will participate in technical training processes in arts and crafts to improve their employability with the purpose of generating inclusive ventures that will promote rural goods and services. We aim that 600 rural properties of agricultural producers will be sought to formalize their property rights.

450 rural women will receive psychosocial assistance so they know and make use of the Gender-Based Violence Prevention Route and 45 young people from the sector will implement rural inclusive endeavors that will generate income and sustainable formal jobs.

The program involves the participation of agricultural producers and will integrate their legal production into local, regional and international markets. This program articulates the responses of the government institutions with the objective of overcoming the social and economic marginalization of the rural sector of Cauca.

The implementation of the Cauca Inclusive Rural Development program will improve the legal social and economic base and living conditions of the rural population, based on a model of social management and sustainable rural development.