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Cash for work


    1,544 victims of the corregimientos of la Peña
    Arquidiócesis de Barranquilla - Secretariado de Pastoral Social.
    7 months
Portada programa

Attention Humanitarian, Protection

The program of humanitarian attention to households affected by the floods 1,544 victims of the corregimientos of la Peña and Pablo Aguada in the municipality of Sabanalarga, Atlántico.; benefited through a program of distribution of bonds redeemable for food at a well-known chain store. These bonds were granted to households who participated in activities of the programme aimed at repairing or rebuilding infrastructure, goods and services of the 2 affected districts.

Additionally within the program implemented a training process to work teams comprised of 30 leaders and leaders of communities prioritized in order to generate response capacity in future emergencies and ability to impact on decision-making in political spaces created by the municipal, departmental and national administration.