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Assistance to displaced in Cartagena, Barranquilla and Malambo, loneliness, Bogotá D.C.

Atlántico - Bolívar - Cundinamarca

    Comisión Europea
    1,152 displaced families
    1 year
Portada programa

Attention Humanitarian

Develop, through associations, a model for them areas urban that include activities that generate resources and the creation of opportunities of work to the population displaced and the communities receiving, focused in them new methodologies that allow the development of skills. Support the stabilization and socio-economic reintegration of displaced populations affected by armed conflict with an emphasis on female-headed households.

Establish a "Agenda of objectives common" that consolidate and strengthen the participation effective and that allow create, starting from them experiences and works of the NGOs, agencies governmental and other organizations of support to them IDPs as well as the support of political of State to level local and national.

Improve the situation global of them IDPs in compensation to the loss of their rights and create a network promoter of reconciliation and coexistence, especially to the women and children.