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Assistance humanitarian Integral in Putumayo-BPRM VII


    BPRM - Oficina del Departamento de Estado de Población, Refugiados y Migración.
    Direct: 400 families / 2,000 people, 110 government officials. Indirect: 3,050 people.
    Corporación Infancia y Desarrollo.
    1 year
Portada programa

Attention Humanitarian, Income Generation, Gender

In the municipalities of Mocoa, Puerto Asís, San Miguel and Valle de Guamuez continued with humanitarian care of the needs of 300 families victims of forced displacement in phase of emergency and urgency (according to the law of victims), 100 families in phase of urgency and 200 families in emergency phase. The 200 families target of emergency assistance had psychosocial support, of prevention of violence based on gender, income generation and livelihoods. This support allowed families stabilize and adapt to their new communities. Finally, we worked hand with local, departmental and national public institutions, and their servants to strengthen its response capacity to the needs of people affected by displacement.