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Assistance humanitarian Integral-BPRM X


    BPRM - Oficina del Departamento de Estado de Población, Refugiados y Migración.
    Direct: 450 families / 2365 people, 70 officials of Government, 15 representatives of organizations social, 30 representatives of the sector private
    Corporación Infancia y Desarrollo
    1 year
Portada programa

Attention Humanitarian, Income Generation, Gender

The program was implemented by Mercy Corps and childhood Corporation and development and had intended providing comprehensive humanitarian assistance to families displaced by the armed conflict and strengthen government entities. The project was implemented in the municipalities of Mocoa, Puerto Asis, Valle de Guamuez, Puerto Leguizamo, San Miguel, Villagarzon, Orito and Puerto Caicedo from September 2015 until August 2016.

Of way direct, is attended 450 families (2,250 people), 100 in phase of emergency (500 people) and 350 families in phase of immediate (1,750 people) and of way indirectly 5,000 people. Displaced families were attended 315 (1575 people) and families vulnerable 135 (675 families). Front officials public, will have strengthened 70 and 15 organizations of victims. Attention families and officials was carried out through four components: comprehensive humanitarian aid; Orientation Legal and strengthening institutional; Support psychosocial and prevention of the violence based on gender and generation of revenue.