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Assistance humanitarian Integral


    BPRM - Oficina del Departamento de Estado de Población, Refugiados y Migración de los Estados Unidos
    victims of displacement due to armed conflict in the Putumayo
    Unidad para la Atención y Reparación Integral a las Víctimas
    12 months
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Attention Humanitarian

putumayo is one of those departments more hit by the conflict, the half of its inhabitants have been victims of the displacement by the conflict armed. Mercy Corps has provided comprehensive eight of its municipalities humanitarian aid since 2009. It helps is has based in assistance food, not food, subsidies of lease, orientation legal in access to them rights, support psychosocial, identification, orientation and referral of cases of violence based on gender (VBG), training in health reproductive and generation of income. Thanks to this program, Mercy Corps has empowered more than 15,800 people and 6,000 families, has built courses implemented and community spaces and training for officials and beneficiaries. Joined hand with the Government has supplemented the unit program for the attention and Integral service to the victims (UARIV).