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Working with and for Rural Women of Southern Cauca

Events 31/03/2017
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Rural women of Cauca

On March 30th, in the city of Popayan, department of Cauca; was held the ceremony of the official launch of the program: Autonomy and Economic Empowerment of Rural Women of Southern Cauca, funded by the European Union and implemented with our local partner Cauca Coffee Growers Cooperative - Caficauca.

The main objective of the program is to strengthen the autonomy and the economic empowerment of 1,800 rural women of Southern Cauca: agricultural coffee producers, agricultural horticulture and cane cultivators, wage earners and / or non-farm rural employees.

Land formalization, technical assistance and psychosocial support are some of the main activities to develop. Through the formalization of the premises we seek owners have access to public goods and credits to invest in their land and improve production quality and marketing of their products.

 Zoe Hopkins, Provash Budden, Elvia basin, Hugo Gomez and Edgar Meneses.

Elvia Rosa Cuenca, women's secretariat of the governorship of Cauca, in his speech of the event emphasized that: "4,700 billion pesos will be invested to improve the living conditions of rural women in the Southern Cauca. Also, we will work so that they have the tools that allow them to fight against the different types of violence to which they are exposed every day".

Officer of programs for America Latin of Mercy Corps Europe, Zoe Hopkins, participated in the event and indicated the importance that have new masculinities caucanas women achieve a life with gender equity and violence free.

The cultural exhibition was in charge of the Aires Pubenza Foundation, that entertained guests with music, dance and staging. These are the costumes used by coffee-picking workers recognized as "chapoleras".

typical dance of the chapoleras South of the Cauca.

Damaris, representative of Cauca Coffee Women's Association, allie of the program, thanked for putting eyes in peasant families from the South of the Department head of women who have had to live in the midst of the conflict and uprooting. "On our farms we strive daily to bring forward our families and we believe that working with coffee we will succeed. Proudly woman grower from Cauca with coffee heart".

Finally, Tito Contreras, representative of the European Union in Colombia, said that this program will build sustainable life projects and that this time it has a geographical focus that will advance the measurement of empowerment. "We do not want to be one more project, we are confident that our allies can achieve changes in the lives of the women of Southern Cauca".