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With Peace We Learn More

Various 28/09/2016
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With Peace We Learn More

Children, girls, adolescents and youth (girls and BOYS) of the Chocó and Putumayo have become a target for the consequences of the armed conflict, it is that that Mercy Corps along with War Child and the Government of Canada decided to give life to the program "With peace learn more". He program has an immense influence in the process of peace of the country, because aims to influir in the State and thus expand the scope of the intervention of protection and education in the areas affected by the conflicto armed and with low presence institutional.

Through it strategy "PaZatardes" that provides spaces for cover the time free of girls and BOYS with activities of quality educational and the promotion of the protection integral in the school, have attained remove you approximately 7,541 children and girls to it war, now they are building a future free of violence. The goal is that 48,000 children, adolescents and young people of Chocó and Putumayo, have a higher quality education under a protective environment, decreasing its percentage of risk and vulnerability.

On the other hand, seek to train 1,200 teachers and principals, in 59 schools to improve their classroom strategies, strengthen their processes of planning and organization of classes through sequential guides, by installing skills lasting time generation after generation. We assist the teachers and principals in their plans for education, institutional, community, educational institutional improvement projects and their management of risk and coexistence plans. Work with fathers and mothers has been to train them on patterns of care and protection for children, bringing closer them to the educational institution and that, in this way, your entire environment is focused on the well-being and empowerment.

Finally, build relationships with public sector institutions education and protection to support his strengthening looking for incidence at the municipal, departmental and national level. Is will contribute to strengthen to the Secretaries of education and the tables of ethno-education e interned in them territories and thus transmit them lessons learned of them pilings to the MEN with end of harmonize the program with them political institutional