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Newsletter #4 avalanche in Mocoa

Articles and Opinion 09/05/2017
Portada noticia

According to figures of 6 may of the national unit of risk management - UNGRD, 331 people were killed, however the population ensures that there are more than 1,000 people buried under huge rocks that have failed or are going to be able to remove. This has caused unrest in the population because they claim that the Government would not by sizing the reality of the tragedy. There is currently an only hostel welcomes 377 people, in the village of cucumber. In addition, referred to 732 people moved to other towns or villages because of fear and the new circumstances of Mocoa. The service light is not constant, goes and comes, as well as the internet. The issue of drinking water is still the most serious, the aqueduct has not been restored in most of the sectors of the city and people should come out with buckets to collect the water every day. Although there are trucks filling these tanks across the city, whenever it rains the process is more delayed because they don't have the technology to clean properly water falling revolt of rivers.


Mercy Corps was present at the event of commemoration of the victims and missing the avalanche, in its first month after the tragedy, building bonds with the community and local stakeholders. We continue the Mission of #ReconstruirMocoa from the inside, now and for the future.

ceremony in honor of the missing and dead after a month of the avalanche in Mocoa


by donations from officers of the Embassy of USA, different private donors, Pepsico - Vitol - Western Union (psychosocial support) and START - P & G - ECSI (humanitarian aid), have made progress in various activities. All actions have been coordinated with the national and Local Government through the different tables. Although the positive side of all this management is that the efforts have doubled, responses to meet the immediate needs of the population have taken more time.

one month after the avalanche in Mocoa

Humanitarian assistance

this week is projected to deliver the donation of 19,200 purification sachets of water by P & G, which will provide with 192,000 liters of drinking water to the population. The donation of 1,000 plastic containers is on track and with the support of World Vision, filtration fabrics, will focus the delivery to 500 families. We hope a new grant of more water purification sachets for the next 3 months.

prepared training and the process of accompaniment of housing subsidies, we are currently carrying out line basis for the delivery of the housing kits and kitchen (cash transfer) designed for the week from 15 to 17 May.

effects after the avalanche of Mocoa

education and protection

last May 2 was held the delivery coordinated with the Ministry of education and the Presidency of the Republic in which we participated the different NGOs of the Bureau of education in emergency, where 14.461 school kits, all the boys and girls of Mocoa surrendered. Mercy Corps gave 1,000 kits in 2 branches of the IE Friar Placido. In these venues, we will continue with psychosocial care plan for the educational community (150 children, 68 teachers, 150 parents, mothers) for early recovery. On the other hand, in conjunction with the departmental Alliance of women weavers of life of Putumayo, we focus 240 adolescents who participate in sexual and reproductive health and GBV prevention and give them 240 hygiene kits. It is planned to continue to work with the Ministry of education medium-term plans of schools risk management.

delivery Kits school, IE Friar Placido, willows headquarters

delivery Kits school, IE Friar Placido, Jose Homero headquarters

meeting after the delivery Kits school, NGOs and Ministry of education

Next steps

  • delivery of 19,200 purifiers water, plastic bottles and 500 filtration fabrics families
  • protection with educational community
  • regular meetings of clusters and other joints with NGO
  • delivery of housing kits in cash transfer to 335 families
  • delivers 240 kits hygiene for young
  • activities of VBG for young