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Mocoa 5 months later

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Mocoa Flood Emergency

On March 31, torrential rains, flooding and devastating landslides hit the town of Mocoa in Southern Colombia. 333 people died, 120 were children. 7,974 families (22,310 people) were registered in as victims which is equivalent to 58% of the population, and even more than 1,000 people are still missing. A significant majority of landslide victims were previously displaced by decades of armed conflict in Putumayo.

Mercy Corps, with the help of various donors, and in coordination with the national and local government, and various NGOs, united efforts and helped the neediest people from day 1 of this tragedy. We focused on three main areas: humanitarian assistance, psychosocial support and prevention of gender based violence (GBV) that reached 6,370 individuals.

Mercy Corps achieved the following results to support the landslide victims.

In emergency humanitarian assistance we had the following results:

  • Drinking water provided for 389 families for a month and a half. (1,945 persons approx.) using 38,900 water purification sachets and containers.
  • 220 million pesos ($75,000 USD) invested in local economy through the use of cash transfers, to meet the most urgent needs of 361 families of which: 78% are female heads family, 84% lost their house, 94% lost household items and furniture and 59% lost their business or employment.
  • 308 pairs of shoes distributed to teens, women and men of the Inga communities of the districts: José Homero, Musurrunakuna, and parents of Fray Placido school.

Training workshop on the use of water purifiers.

Cash transfer to families.

New shoes for the Inga Musurrunakuna community.

Our psychosocial support actions were:

  • 1,000 school kits for students of Fray Placido school delivered.
  • 168 children and teens participated in activities of emotional recovery including the issues of handling of emotions, grief counselling, strengthening of family ties, strengthening support networks, self-esteem, self-care and care of the environment.
  • 142 parents of Fray Plácido School participated in grief management and strengthening family ties activity
  • 64 teachers from Fray Plácido School trained on methodologies for early emotional recovery care of children and teens psychologically affected by the landslides
  • 3 large sports and educational kits for the continuity of activities of 1,603 students in 3 schools.
Our results on prevention of Gender Based Violence (GBV):

  • 268 teens (143 women and 125 men) participated in trainings on sexual and reproductive rights and GBV prevention.
  • More than 700 attendees on community event for GBV prevention, including activities of risk identification, assessment of the emotional impact of the natural disaster and GBV prevention.
  • 240 hygiene kits delivered to teens, promoting sexual and reproductive health and GBV prevention

School kits delivered in Fray Placido School in Mocoa.

Psychosocial support activity with children.

Girls painting the mural of they dream the new Mocoa.

Emotional recovery activity with Fray Placido School students.

Activity on handling emotions with children from Fray Placido school.

Activities on strengthening support networks, self esteem, self care and care of the environment. 

Workshop on sexual and reproductive rights and GBV prevention with teens.

Community event for the prevention of violence based on gender (VBG).

All these activities were carried out in collaboration with Plan Colombia Foundation, Coporación INfancia y Desarrollo, World Vision, Alianza Mujeres Tejedoras de Vida de Putumayo, and in coordination with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, UNICEF, Local Humanitarian Team, Fray Placido School, indegneous communities Musurrunakuna, JAC de San Andrés, Sauces, Libertador, Miraflores, José Homero, and other affected communities. With donations from Start Network, Western Union Foundation, Vitol, Pepsico Foundation, P&G, Tei shoes, ECSI and particular donations.

Mercy Corps continues to work in Mocoa. We will still receive donations to support #ReconstruirMocoa (Rebuild Mocoa) now and for the future.