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Mobile financial education without internet

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Rural women of Cauca

Thanks to the strategic alliance established with Fundación Capital and its USAID / Skoll Foundation program and in liaison with our #MujeresRuralesdelCauca program funded by the European Union. We will expand its services in more areas in Colombia, in this case to 1,800 women from rural areas in the Cauca region, are being trained in financial education through the LISTA app.

The LISTA Initiative is the world's first digital tablet financial education system designed to strengthen the financial capacities of low-income rural people.

This self-learning system broadens people's knowledge of personal finance, shares tips on how to save at home, and encourages the demand for formal financial products and services. The app is used through digital tablets that do not require internet connection, this will improve financial decision making without having to travel, and with no geographical barriers.

The content is designed for people who have not had access to this type of technology and users learn from how to press the screen to how to take pictures and play videos.

The app and its complementary distribution methodology have been designed as a scalable solution to promote financial inclusion, with additional benefits such as empowering women in financial decision-making. The participants have the possibility to take the tablet to their homes, therefore, the impact goes beyond the direct beneficiaries, thanks to its replicating action. This solution has a positive impact on the family by encouraging the learning of the whole family, and helps to generate sustainable and long-term solutions to alleviate poverty. This product is especially useful in large governmental social programs, linked to banking, given that their distribution channels facilitate targeting and staggering.

For Mercy Corps, it is essential that women acquire financial education so that they learn to be autonomous and to be economically empowered. Generally, rural women work hard on their crops, receive the profits but their peers decide what to do with the income.

Mercy Corps and our local ally, the CAFICAUCA Coffee Growers Cooperative, began this training process in August 2017 in the municipalities of Rosas, La Vega and La Sierra, with women coffee farmers who receive support in technical assistance for productivity and the quality of coffee and its marketing processes.

These women will improve their income and will have the financial tools to be more prosperous and sustainable in their businesses.

#MujeresRuralesdelCauca (Rural Women from Cauca)