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Mercy Corps in Devex

Articles and Opinion 22/09/2016
Portada noticia

The portal Devex, an of them platforms of media more important of the community of development world, made an article on them opportunities for them displaced in Colombia within the scenario of the post-acuerdo and implementation of the peace. In this article, our country Director, Provash Budden, makes several contributions on our work for 10 years in Colombia and the possibilities for the future. Then we do a brief summary of the article, to read the full article below find the link. #SomosMercyCorps

opportunities for refugees and internally displaced persons in Colombia with peace implementation

By Elizabeth Dickinson

following the signing of the peace agreement are many challenges coming to Colombia. The Government is seeking the assistance of international and non-governmental organizations to develop a plan of rapid response (PRR).

Both the Government of Colombia as the NGOs indicate that the support and the experience international will be vital to give you a push initial to the plan. Mercy Corps is already discussing opportunities to contribute to the prevention of the recruitment of young people by armed groups.

Provash Budden, director of the NGO, says it following "us can provide best practices to level local and national that can be adopted by them institutions of the State" and highlights that the community International has the obligation moral of guarantee the security and the welfare of them individuals, homes and communities, and cover them empty operational necessary.

The NGOs expect that after the peace agreement be allowed to extend their efforts to parts of the country that were controlled by armed groups. "We will continue advising initiatives of development to long term and will provide assistance technical and resources additional, especially in the development rural", adds Budden.

International actors know that there will be a huge possibility of creating opportunities for development, but are also aware of the risks that can lead to the post-conflict. The director shares one of his main concerns "we are concerned that humanitarian funding is reduced, while indicators indicate that the conflict may form new groups related to the drug trafficking, illegal mining and the practices of extortion would continue moving people".

Full article: https://www.devex.com/news/opportunities-for-ingos-in-colombia-peace-implementation-88709.