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Life history - Jean - Student

Articles and Opinion 08/04/2018
Portada noticia

With Peace We Learn More

“Living in a boarding school is a new experience, it is a good place to learn to live with others (…) I have been in the boarding school for four years and I hope to graduate from this Institution.” For Jean the boarding school is the space in which he lives and share with your friends and colleagues; He has been there for four years, unlike his parents he perceives this space as a place of opportunity where he prepares for “life” he indicates. He is a 9th grade student of the Ecological College of Cuembia located in the Carmelita village of the municipality of Puerto Asís (Putumayo).

His vision of the program With Peace We Learn More is associated with his training as a student, hence qualifying him as a good space, in which in addition to carrying out recreational activities to strengthen his learning in mathematics and language, it is an ideal space for realization of their homework in the activity called "Homework Support". In particular, Jean believes that PaZatardes' activities teach him to be more sociable, more friendly and to share more playful spaces with his companions. This is indicated without meditating too much, which allows us to consider that living in a space like the boarding school where you are permanently accompanied by young people of your age does not guarantee that places are shared to socialize and have fun with everyone.

For Jean, the main learning achieved in the PaZatardes sessions has been to know how to take advantage of free time to carry out his school activities, which, as he says: "prepare him for life."