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Articles and Opinion 19/04/2018
Portada noticia

With Peace We Learn More

With education and protection, the consortium formed by Mercy Corps and War Child, and financed by Canada, works so that schools are protective spaces for children in Chocó and Putumayo, territories affected by violence.

Ana * used to be a very shy girl. He didn't like talking in front of other people because "I thought my ideas were not smart enough or important enough," he says. The 16 years he has lived in Orito (Putumayo), a municipality that has grown around oil exploitation and coca cultivation, making it a strategic area for armed groups outside the law.

Read the full article at: http://www.semana.com/contenidos-editoriales/especiales-regionales-canada/articulo/el-programa-con-paz-aprendemos-mas-financiado-por-canada/530405