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Impulso Program: Our call for the youth

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With Peace We Learn More

A dream is fulfilled for three young people of the program With Peace Learn More, the dream of transforming the country where they live, of exposing their ideas and of knowing beyond their community what is being done by and for young people.

The dream of Luis Arbeis Anaya of Chocó, María Fernanda Eraso and Never Steven Villota, of Putumayo, was fulfilled when they were invited to participate in the Impulse Program of the UWC (United World Colleges), Impulso is a space distinguished by bringing together young people from all the regions of Colombia to promote the construction of a new social and cultural fabric.

"I come to learn leadership, to be able to practice it and make it known to my colleagues through my voice, because I am a young leader" tells excited Maria Fernanda who comes from a boarding school in Putumayo.

For these young people it is a new experience, to leave their municipalities, travel to the capital and represent their community. In this unique opportunity, these young people will be able to contribute to social change by promoting the leadership that the program Con Paz Aprendemos Más has been supporting during these 4 years of implementation with the children and adolescents of Chocó and Putumayo.

For 11 nights, Luis, María and Steven will have the opportunity to reimagine and build a new Colombia with dozens of young people from all over the country.

"I have been privileged to come here, participate in the Impulso program, I feel very happy" says Luis, a young person from Chocó invited to the program.

This meeting becomes an enriching experience because here you can meet more young people who, like them, seek to transform the country, starting with their personal and then social transformation. For almost two weeks, the young guests will reflect on their role in society and help build the social fabric necessary to face the reality of the country from the recognition and appreciation of diversity.

After this meeting, María, Steven and Luis will return to their communities in Chocó and Putumayo with new knowledge that will allow them to take better advantage of the richness and diversity of their departments and thus become "leaders" of the new country with which they dream.

Learn more about the program Con Paz Aprendemos Más at: www.conpazaprendemosmas.com

Learn about the Impulse Program at: www.programaimpulso.org