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From international to local: The faces of international cooperation

Articles and Opinion 05/11/2016
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With Peace We Learn More

The event directed by the Presidential Agency of international cooperation of Colombia - APC Colombia, held in Bogota in one of the headquarters of Catholic University, November 22.

Construction of peace, Rural development and environmental sustainability were panels and themes of the event. Luis Gilberto Murillo, Minister of environment and sustainable development, was commissioned to give the opening remarks which stressed that his main challenge is that the Ministry is the voice of the communities that live in isolated areas.

On the other hand, German infant APC Colombia representative, stated that: "We can build the future for the children but can build and prepare them for the future". This is one of the objectives of the program as with peace we learn more, supported by APC Colombia, funded by the Embassy of Canada and implemented by Mercy Corps and War Child.


, came from Putumayo to represent all the children and girls of the programme and the event stole the attention of the public, "peace must seek it from ourselves, from our hearts and homes. All must unite and fight for our rights, fulfilling our duties and leaving behind conflict".

Brayan life has become positively since it is part of the program with peace we learn more. "I was all, less good." It was very messy, leaving garbage everywhere, always annoyed in class, it did not comply with my classmates and my teachers; I mean, nobody me enduring. Since I attend the PaZatardes, I have learned a lot about values, already does not discriminate, appreciate the participation and the opinion of others and to know what are my values".

Las PaZatardes are looking for children to take advantage of your free time in a productive manner by means of the art, sport and values. In this way, program you are removing children to violence, alcohol and drugs.

The profe Apartadó Lucy

, was one of the panelists who shared their experiences with the program Palabrario and Numerary, implemented by the Genesis Foundation and the counterpart of APC Colombia. This program has an emphasis on reading and mathematics applied to everyday life. Thanks to the strategy that Lucy has implemented in your educational institution, students improved their academic performance and classroom behavior. In addition, she engaged parents in the educational process of their children.

Other 10 leaders of change, supported by APC Colombia, representing the departments of Meta, Chocó, Nariño, Putumayo and Antioquia. They presented their bets how to replace coca crops with cocoa, and defend the ethnic groups, how to carry out productive projects with native fruits or educating about environmental protection, in the end, all showed that with the support of international cooperation we can continue contributing to peace-building.