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Emergency for Mocoa Mudslide

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Mocoa Flood Emergency

General Information Bulletin

April, 9 2017


During the dawn of April 1, 2017, the Mocoa, Sangoyaco and Mulato rivers overflowed an avalanche in Mocoa, capital of the department of Putumayo, where, as of April 6, with this results:

- 308 dead people

- 332 injured people

- 36 affected neighborhoods, 17 of them in an important way

- 7 rural towns affected

- 4,508 families, of which 3,088 have been included in the Single Registry of Victims

Mercy Corps and its partner in the field, Corporación Infancia y Desarrollo, have attended from the outset emergency with psychosocial support and legal guidance. Our team, also affected directly by the avalanche (victims of the natural disaster), shows signs of exhaustion and fatigue due to the long working days and the impact of the emergency. They have lost family members, their homes have been affected and do not have basic necessities like water, electricity, affordable food, however, they have not stopped working for the other victims.

Clusters Management:

We have articulated actions with other international and humanitarian organizations, participating actively in the meetings of the clusters of: Protection, Early Recovery, Food Security and Nutrition (SAN), Emergency Education, Intercluster Group and the Humanitarian Country Team.

Mercy Corps understands the importance of immediate emergency care, but also understands the medium-term difficulties that can occur and the gaps of the Government that we can fill.

Our Strategy:

A strategy of 4 focal points has been established in our intervention in the coming weeks:

- Attention to our team in the field and our partner´s

- Psychosocial first aid

- Protection mechanisms for children and adolescents and recreational activities

- Prevention of VBG especially for young women

- Hygiene kits with a focus on girls (tentative)

What do we need?

We invite anyone interested in this tragedy, to support us. At this moment the emergency is being addressed, but we must think about how to help the affected population in the medium and long term, especially in a few weeks when the attention in this disaster decreases. Between all of us we can #ReconstruirMocoa (rebuild Mocoa) not only for now, but for the future donate now in this link:


#TodosconMocoa #Mocoaselevanta #AtencionHumanitariaIntegral