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Articles and Opinion 05/12/2016
Portada noticia

With Peace We Learn More

The discussion group led by Genesis Foundation, the Presidential Agency of international cooperation of Colombia (APC Colombia) and Mercy Corps included the participation of 4 beneficiaries of programs with peace we learn more and Palabrario & Numerario; the entrepreneurs Foundation for education and peace, Chamber of Commerce, Educapaz and the Universidad de los Andes, and several participants of the educational sector and international cooperation.

Derly, student of the interned ecological farm of Cuembi in Putumayo, represented to them children, girls adolescent and young of the program facing them experts. When asked his opinion about with peace learn more said: "thanks to this program changed my life, I went back to dream, and I'm here today." Before, living in the boarding school was quite horrible and coexistence was terrible, we had no gender equity and now everything changed, all improve in notes and coexistence, because we never integrábamos with children but now we share everything". The student added that one of the things that you like most of the program is that by means of the game apply values and learn new things.

From other interned this time of port Bello, Putumayo, the caretaker Amalia (leader community formed ideally for the program that accompanies to them children and girls of them interned 24 hours) said that the number of young pregnant of his institution educational has decreased thanks to the approach of protection that manages the program. They have have them teach about self-esteem, to value and respect your body and others. Amalia emphasized in that "peace learn more has meant much to our community, because they really care for contributing to the well-being of children. In mathematics and language have improved a 100%. Classes are much more dynamic and all teachers have changed the strategies that we use in the classroom".

On the sidewalk where the boarding school, for which works Amalia had much violence had almost no children, after the implementation of the programme, its strategies and methodologies, and went from having 11 children to 65 in the boarding school and 48 to 250 in the educational institution is located. "I invite you to go and see that now feels the peace", he added.

The rose Professor of Bojayá invited donors to continue to support the program to give continuity to the process and keep seeing the fruits, because "programs do not last long enough in schools and teachers we changed much, and the work is lost".

Rosa established classroom Covenants with their students, that apply both for her and for her students, the strategy gave such good results that "children do not lose is a class, they have changed their attitude, now ask for the favor and give thanks, violence is over".

In the second part of the meeting, the experts reaffirmed that education is a fundamental tool for the construction of peace, particularly in the post-conflict scenario, and that contributes effectively to civil society. At the same time, it acknowledged that unfortunately the budget for rural education is limited, that teacher training is insufficient and that the pedagogical paradigms have become repetitive and very theoretical.

Alejandro Gamboa, Director of APC Colombia, pointed out that "once again demonstrated the power and impact that can be achieved through partnerships in the communities that most need it, articulating different actors, different interests aligned and leveraging resources".

"Hope that each from its corner has been inspired to follow in building peace through education". concluded Carolina Meza, representative of the entrepreneurs Foundation for education.