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Education and Child Protection Pact of Chocó

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With Peace We Learn More

On march 14th of 2019, about 200 people met, between children, teens, principals, parents, government functionaries and the With Peace We Learn More team, seeking to sign the Education and Child Protection Pact of Chocó.

The pact was signed with the purpose to promote the sustainability of the program and also to transfer the methodologies of the strategies to the students, teachers, principals and government institutions of the eight municipalities of Chocó that participated in the program during the 5 years of implementation.

With Peace We Learn More program benefited more than 8.000 children and teens, 7.403 parents and 732 teachers of 27 educational establishments of Atrato, Bojayá, Condoto, Istmina, Lloró, Quibdó, Río Quito and Tadó.

“The results in Chocó are incredible. It was a experiment on social transformation that changed lives and helped children's future. Now we must to think about the future”, said Craig Kowalik, the Director of Cooperation of the Embassy of Canada in Colombia.

The most important achievements of the program were the decrees and resolutions approved by the Quibdó Municipal Government, like the Board of School Counselors that currently articulates the protection routes for children and teens, and the adoption of the document The Ethnoeducation from the classroom: orientations to incorporate the ethnoeducative approach in Chocó schools. This will be included in the ethno-educational and intercultural quality management model of the Departmental Education Secretariat, which implies that it will be a guideline for all the municipalities of Chocó, which will allow to provide an education with a different ethnic approach that respects and includes the afro traditions Afro and their teaching model.

In this line, the signing of the pact was marked by some of the ancestral traditions of the Afro communities. As part of these traditions, the Lunatic music group, from the municipality of Tadó, presented their show, the young artists presented through rap the transformations and impacts that the program had on their lives. “We sing to get away from risks, violence, and gender discrimination”, said Johan Sinisterra, one of the group’s members.

Luz Ney Mena, one of the mothers attending the event, said proudly that “It has been fundamental that all the government actors decided to sign the pact (...) gives continuity to the actions that help to transform the live of our children, to protect them from the conflict and the violence that currently exists in many the municipalities of Chocó”.

All of this was possible thanks to the strategic alliance between Mercy Corps, War Child, Corporación Infancia y Desarrollo and Corporación Opción Legal, with the financial support of the Government of Canada.