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Education and Child Protection Pact

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With Peace We Learn More

Students, teachers, principals, parents, leading institutions of our program With Peace We Learn More and the Government of Putumayo signed the Education and Child Protection Pact on february 28th, 2019 in Mocoa, Putumayo.

Since 2014, the program has worked for 5 years with the Secretaries of Education and the local government of eight municipalities in Putumayo, in 68 schools (39 boarding schools and 29 regular schools)

The Pact’s main objective is to establish commitments on the sustainability and transfer methodologies of the program, towards the construction of safe environments for the children and teens of Putumayo.

Marteen de Groot, Deputy Director of the Canadian Embassy in Colombia said: “In this 5 years there has seen significant changes and real impact on the communities and schools”.

More than 7.400 students of Putumayo participated on the Pazatardes where specially trained people worked with them, providing extracurricular recreational activities that strengthened their math and language abilities, good relationships between peers and life skills in safe environments.

In addition, 12.377 parents improved their relationships with their sons and daughters, because of the good parenting workshops delivered. To continue with this good practices, the Secretaries of Education appropriated the School of Parents guide document created by the program.

On top of this results, that strengthened the rural education of 39 boarding schools where the program was implemented, we co-created the Operational Manual for Boarding Schools of Putumayo, adopted officially by the Secretary of Education, (Resolution 2508 of July 05, 2018), which seeks to standardize routines and good practices and aims to generate a well developed environment, welfare and protection for all internal students of Putumayo.

“This program transformed the life of the children and their families. In this years, it helped to build a stronger Putumayo, ready to face the challenges of the country”, said the Departmental Education Secretary (SED), María Eugenia García.

The With Peace We Learn More program and the signature of the Education and Child Protection Pact are initiatives from Mercy Corps, War Child, Corporación Infancia y Desarrollo and Corporación Opción Legal, thanks to the financial support of the Embassy of Canada.