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Commemorating the signing of the Peace Agreement, Mercy Corps Colombia

Articles and Opinion 27/09/2016
Portada noticia

Bogota, Colombia. 26 September 2016. Yesterday was not a normal day, was a historic day for our country and the whole world. The signing of the peace agreement was awaited with great longing for thousands of Colombians. Back were 52 years of violence, weapons and pain, although the road that us is by touring, no doubt some, will be long and difficult.

On the initiative of our country Director, Provash Budden, we meet to commemorate the signing of the agreement. Accompanied with white candles and a minute's silence we pay tribute to all the victims of the armed conflict, Bled our country, reflect and share what it means peace for each of us.

Hugo Gómez, land Manager, made a significant contribution to the meeting when he shared a piece of the chronicle the dead were five, written by Juan José Hoyos. To listen the fragments, we relive the suffering of Esmar Agudelo, victim of this conflict, when he had to witness the massacre of three of his fellow in captivity. Hugo invited us to feel alive and conscious of the power that we have to think and to rebuild the nation that we dream for our children.

Them others describe it peace with words as: love, happiness, forgiveness, reconciliation, peace, respect, equality of opportunities, support, trust, understanding, tolerance, transparency, improves of rights, especially the hope by a future best for them children and girls of our country.

Budden closed the meeting saying: "peace is really within each of us, every individual has the power to transform itself, transform the lives that surround it and the country. We have to see ourselves as the first agents of transformation before judging the actions of others".

And social change organization we are committed to peace and to reflect the coherence of our way of thinking with our daily acts.

Join and be part of change!