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Colombia 2020 awards.

Portada noticia

With Peace We Learn More

Remained in second place in each category: Nidia Asprilla, Rector of the IE Pedro Grau y Arola in Quibdó, Diana Castiblanco, of modern Virtual School and the teacher Eduardo Esteban López.

Photography: El Espectador.com

Congratulations to the educational institution Pedro Grau y Arola #Quibdó #Chocó and its Rector Nidia Asprilla for the honorable second place in Colombia 2020 awards.

This school is part of our program With Peace We Learn More, where we seek to improve the quality of education and protection of children through strategies with them, their parents and teachers.

Nidia Asprilla, has achieved that her students learn to resolve their differences through various workshops, focused on coexistence, and to reduce conflicts arising in your institution, in addition to supporting these young people so that they have a better life and a brighter future.

Presented 59 teachers and educational institutions public and private initiatives to participate in the prize Colombia 2020. With their efforts of building peace in the classroom and school environments, these teachers seek to give a better education to their students.

This national award that recognizes best practices applied to build a reconciled society and in peace is a symbol of inspiration to continue working for communities.