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Canada Ambassador visits Mocoa after the landslide

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Mocoa Flood Emergency

The Ambassador of Canada in Colombia Marcel Le Bleu visited the work done with Mercy Corps of #ReconstruirMocoa (Rebuild Mocoa) for the future. In the Emergency Response of Mocoa’s landslides on March 31st, we managed to reach 6,370 people through emergency humanitarian aid (mostly water and cash transfer), psychosocial support and prevention of gender-based violence.

"When there is a dramatic situation you have to act quickly. We achieved this with Mercy Corps, which has been in Putumayo for 11 years, "declared the Ambassador.

In psychosocial support, we worked with the Fray Plácido school, where 1,000 boys and girls received school kits and educational and sports kits. Students, parents and teachers received psychosocial support in grief management, strengthening of family ties and emotional recovery.

"It is a great satisfaction, my mother was a teacher and I know that children are our future, it is important that they are happy, without forgetting what happened. They will not forget, their losses, their cousins and uncles lives." said Le Bleu.

For both the Canadian government and Mercy Corps, it is essential to empower youth to triumph over adversity and to build stronger communities from within.

When the Ambassador of Canada said his goodbyes, he said "I am very happy, we had a talk with the children, they explained the workshops and how art helped them to pass this dramatic moment."

#ReconstruirMocoa #CanadáRespaldaPaz #KidsTakeOver

#DiaMundialdeLosNiños #UniversalChildrensDay