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After the Agreement with the FARC, 3 essential elements for a lasting peace in Colombia

Articles and Opinion 03/10/2016
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Caption: President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos Calderón prepares to sign the peace agreement of Colombia during the ceremony of the signing, in Cartagena. With him, it is also ready to sign the agreement, Timoleón Jiménez, Commander of the revolutionary armed forces of Colombia. Photo by: Rick Bajornas / UN

fifty-two years of war have plagued Colombia, leaving about 220,000 dead and millions displaced from their homes. During too time, the trifecta terrifying of groups guerrillas, the operations paramilitaries and the drug trafficking have horrified the life daily of countless Colombian.

Finally, the hope is in that the Government of Colombia and the forces armed revolutionary of Colombia have arrived to an agreement to put end half century of conflict, that will be voted in a referendum national this Sunday.