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Yuris palaces, participant of the PaZatardes in hills of Bojayá, Chocó

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With Peace We Learn More

"Before I participate in the program with peace learn more was very unruly but I you promised to my teacher that you go to give all what have in my hands for exit forward." I was very rude with teachers, not greeted them, did not respect them and saying bad words. Now all has changed, always the greeting when came to the College or when step by their houses. I believe that I have changed a lot through the programme'.

Arlyn and Yuris are students of the "Star Lounge" at his school. When we say salon star want to say that it is the best Hall of the educational institution and is for this reason that the rest of rooms want to be like them: the living room better decorated, with students sorted, thoughtful, respectful, kind, fun, sense of belonging and pending his personal care. Them as to their companions, les love playing to the greedy in them breaks. When they are in harvest, rosewood handle and mangostinos, is the point of greatest fun, so much that many teachers end up teaching there.

* The names have been changed to protect the identity and safety of persons.