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The power of resilience

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Integrated Humanitarian Assistance - BPRM XII

Displacement is a difficult situation. Having to leave your goods, your job stability, your family and friends to find a new and unknown place, is a reality that have confronted many Colombians day by day for several years. The biggest challenge for them is finding a new job opportunity and have an economic stability.

María Camila use to live in the village of La Italia in San José del Palmar, Chocó. There she worked with her grandmother in a food stall of his own. They had a very quiet life, with amenities. Her children studied and she dedicated herself to the business. They never lacked clothing, nor food, so she never felt the need to study.

After being forced to move, she arrived to Turbo, a town located in Antioquia. Where she didn´t know anyone who could help her or show her how to continue with the job she had in La Italia. Even less how to start a new project. As things went on, she settled in a small house with his three children.

Mercy Corps find out about her case through the victim’s attention point, who reported the difficult situation in which this family was living. Since this moment María Camila, at age 21, was linked to BPRM Integral Humanitarian Assistance project. During the financial orientation day, she demonstrated her interest on having a business similar to the one she previously had . She now wanted to sell desserts.

María Camila says that since she joined the project, what she appreciates the most, is the knowledge she has acquired and the shots of motivation she has received, because with those tools, it's easier to move forward.

Since she was taught to manage her finances, her life changed. Because before this project she didn’t know how to save money, she didn’t know how to have a financial balance. She learned this on the first day of the project training.

She is currently committed on preparing and selling desserts, raising her three children and studying at SENA. She is motivated because she realized that it is possible to move forward and work hard for a better future.