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Georgina, survivor of Mocoa

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Mocoa Flood Emergency

Georgina with 100 years of life and with his daughters; Concepcion and Isabel, was a victim of the avalanche of Mocoa. The avalanche went through the house where they lived and left them literally on the street. Their possessions, food and internet business which had ceased to exist.

After the tragedy, an ancient family tradition revived and inspired them to continue with their lives: weaving.

Now, Georgina and her daughters weave hats to survive. They didn't have anything to pay rent so they decided to live at home, without water and light, in the barrio San Miguel, one of the most affected by the tragedy.

Mercy Corps with the support of several private donors and Start Network delivered to them and other 360 families, which also passed through necessity, transfers in cash to get out of this situation and which could get, at least in this particular case, beds, equipment for cooking, medicine and everything needed for their survival.

We are still driven to believe that a better world is possible and that we can #ReconstruirMocoa now and for the future.