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Adalfiza, an example of feminine potential

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Integrated Humanitarian Assistance - BPRM XII

Sometimes the only thing that people need in life, is a "nudge". Such is the case of Adalfiza, a woman originally from the town of Patía, in the department of Cauca. She, like many other Colombian women, is a hard worker and fights daily to raise her family. Adalfiza used to live with the few profits left by a few sales of "cholao" (fruit salad with shaved ice) in El Bordo, Cauca.

Every day, she used get up and grind ice with his own hands. This activity was damaging her health and it wasn’t profitable,because she didn’t have a precise amount of her monthly income and for which she claims that her family had went through many needs and afflictions. That’s why she always wanted to improve the quality of the “cholaos” and achieve a faster production.

Some time later, the Mercy Corps gender officer spoke to her about a new humanitarian assistance project for victims from the armed conflict. What really attracted Adalfiza to the project was the trainings, because she describes herself as a woman who likes to be continuously learning.

So, there as a participant in the program, she learned in a dynamic and participatory way, legal issues to access her rights, received psychosocial assistance and training in the productive field. This was precisely this "nudge" that Adalfiza needed to succeed.

Thanks to the empowerment she received in the project of BPRM Integral Humanitarian Assistance

and the support of professionals, she strengthened herself as a business woman, she bought an industrial machine that scrapes the ice, and she improved her sales model with quality and speed.

Now she gets up every day happy, full of hope and without concern for her financial sustenance. Willing to continue doing what she likes the most and without having to risk her health.

Her excellence and dedication have taken her to local festivals and entrepreneurship events where she is expected to continue participating, sharing her experience and carrying the message that a better world is possible.