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A life dedicated to coffee

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Rural women of Cauca

Bianey, is a woman who breathes the smell of coffee since she was little. Her family has been dedicated to coffee since she has a memory. Her father, now deceased, dedicated his whole life to the cultivation of this grain, leaving her and her brothers the heritage of love for coffee.

At age 47, Bianey lives in the municipality of Rosas, in southern Cauca, where she shares a farm with her husband, two children and four of her brothers. Her husband works in construction, the children study courses in different areas and she, day by day, takes care of her coffee sticks. She is a woman who does not give up, besides coffee she has bee combs and a couple of sewing machines with which she makes uniforms to supplement her income.

You can tell by talking to her that she likes to work and learn. She proudly says that they are looking for her from all parts of the municipality because she makes very good uniforms and not to mention the delicious coffee.

Her curiosity to learn made her join the program of Autonomy and Economic Empowerment of Rural Women of the South Cauca two years ago. A collaborator visited her on her farm and proposed that she participate. "Here he came to visit me and to comment. What if I agreed (...) I was interested, because there one learns new things "

But what Bianey did not know was that from this moment, her life changed. By joining the program, she not only learned more about coffee quality, cultivation and its market, but she also got the most important thing for her: the title of her farm.

Bianey, like many benefited coffee growers of the Program managed to formalize their land. She, like many, inherited her father's land but there was no official document that said she was the owner. Without the deeds, Bianey could not have support before any bank to ask for a loan. Nor could she access government benefits to further develop her crop. Now with the title in her hands she sees a more promising future, she wants to request a loan to buy more coffee sticks and plant a new batch.

The illusion of the new lot has her happy, however she says that what she likes most about the program is that thanks to him, she has gotten new friends from other municipalities with whom she shares, teachings and knowledge in all the workshops that participate.

"We always find ourselves in the trainings because one is strengthening the friendship. We have fun, because at least we have de-stressed, which is also important", she laughs.

From the care of its cultivation to the preparation of special coffees and their sale, Bianey has discovered a new world of coffee. For the future, Bianey hopes to maintain her friendships and learnings but above all her intact coffee tradition: "All the time we have lived on coffee. Educating children with the same, with coffee "