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FROM Servicios No.304


PURPOSE OF THE CONTRACTProvide the printing service of the story "Let it flourish" with the technical characteristics that are mentioned below:1. Hardcover Cover Size: open 66 * 35.5 Centimeters Cover 4 * 1 inks on 150 grams propalcolte with matte plasticized, more reserved UV shines, saves size 65 * 34 to 1 ink, special color background, matt laminated, collimated 1.5 mm carton, armed with semi-occult ring and 3 magnets Of high power for the closing, the final piece is armed with 6 bodies:Format Reference Terms - April 2016 Version Page 21 body 22 centimeters wide2 loins 4 centimeters wide1 body of 23.5 centimeters wide1 loin of 2 centimeters1 body (flap) 7.5 cm wideIt has incorporated the following pieces:2. Brochure Size 34.5 * 24 centimeters Number of Pages 36 150grs enamelled paper, 4 * 4 inks, with matt laminated on both sides, page 3 Not plasticized (for writing), die-cut with round tip, double O-ring, on the side of 34.5 centimeters to one Of the bodies of the hard paste.3. About for CD, with Burn and PrintOpen size 26.5 * 21.5 printed at 4 * 0 inksEnamelled 150grs enamel, with matte plasticized, die-cut and reinforcedGlued on the hard pasteCD printed directly and burned information4. Foldable FiguresOpen size 45 * 33.5 centimeters, printed on 4 * 4 inksEnvelope of 200grs, with plasticized matt on both sides, writing and punching.Semi-cut of figures of 2 trees, 8 flowers and 1 star.Glued to the folder with a green stickers 3 centimeters in diameterSkein of wool of 3 meters.II. EXPECTED PRODUCTS AND REPORTS370 Copies of stories Let It Blossom for NNAJ of InternshipsDelivery of draft by Mercy Corps

Opening date
Wednesday 16 from November from 2016 since the 12:00

Tuesday 22 from November from 2016 until 17:00