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The project coordinator (CP), is supervised by the project manager. The CP supports and supervises all the project programmatic team: technicians, volunteers. Likewise, verifies that the beneficiaries are registered according to the standards of Mercy Corps and the donor, handles and manages databases, indicators and works so that the objectives of the project are met effectively and according to the established time by the donor. CP creates your own pictures of measuring and control as dashboards or pictures of strategy and will be supported at all times on the officer or technician of M & E to verify that targets are being achieved with the expected quality and that the complaints or suggestions of the beneficiary you or others associated with the project are addressed and taken into consideration for the correct implementation of the project. In the same way the CP will represent in your area, (when the project manager can do it personally), Mercy Corps attending meetings convened by the Government, United Nations and other institutions, also will be in constant communication with the Manager of the Project to inform and receive indications of this.

Opening date
Tuesday 09 from October from 2018 since the 18:00

Sunday 14 from October from 2018 until 23:59