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FROM Compras No.388


Dear Sirs Mercy Corps is pleased to invite you to participate in the selection process of suppliers for the supply of teaching materials of mathematics of educational institutions where Mercy Corp develops program "With peace learn more" .

Materials are educational kits which must be properly packed in boxes labeled with the name of each educational institution, and delivered to the office of Mercy Corps Quibdo - Chocó and Puerto Asís - Putumayo; Materials is relational in annex I - description of products listed.

The Offeror must present its offer in Colombian pesos, scoreless cents, approaching by excess or defect to the nearest integer as well: whether it is superior or equal to 50 cents, approaching the next integer and if it is less than 50 cents is lowered to the previous integer. Any problem occurring during the execution of the agreement due to a poor development of the calculation of the cost of the proposal will be sole responsibility of the proponent, should assume higher costs and/or losses arising from such errors or omissions. Mercy Corps reserves the right to make arithmetic corrections, when be notice inconsistencies in the offer and the resulting value will be which will be taken as economic offer.

Taking into account that this is the essence of the offer, may not be conditioned, nor be added, modified or completed after having been presented the offer. The proposed economic offer includes all costs, indirect, taxes, rates and contributions and any other outlay necessary for the implementation of the outcome of the present process, taking into account the technical specifications. Any error in the determination of the values specified in the annex offer economic, will not lead to modification, with the exception of the

MERCY CORPS G: memorandum Interno ENE2017 2

approaches that Mercy corps, the Offeror must assume the cost overruns that this may cause you. The foregoing without prejudice to the powers of arithmetic correction that has the entity.

Opening date
Tuesday 17 from October from 2017 since the 17:00

Tuesday 31 from October from 2017 until 17:00