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FROM Servicios No.294


Execution of External Audit in accordance with the regulations of the United States where it indicates that Foreigners of for-profit and non-profit organizations that have sub-donations equivalent to an amount equal or higher of US $ 300,000 or more per fiscal year in the "adjudications BPRM ", ie as recipients or sub-recipients of BPRM concessions or cooperative contracts, or as cost-reimbursable subcontractors for BPRM concessions or cooperative contracts, will have an annual audit conducted in accordance with auditing standards in order to strict regulations from United States.Consequently and in order to comply with the aforementioned point, an External Audit will be carried out under the sub-concession agreement No. 32742S001 between CORPORACION INFANCIA Y DESARROLLO and MERCY CORPS in order to execute the funded program and Funds provided by BPRM project "Integrated Emergency Assistance and Improvement of Local Capacity for Victims of Displacement in the Department of Putumayo - Colombia, by BPRM."

Opening date
Monday 05 from September from 2016 since the 00:00

Friday 16 from September from 2016 until 17:00